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It is common knowledge that diet is an essential part of our everyday life affecting multiple other aspects like health, mood and behavior patterns. Since ages, diet also has been considered in many cultures as a way to boost sexual performance. It’s not a surprise now that there are many traditional remedies, over-the-counter pills and supplements out there designed to improve your libido and quality of intimate relations with the opposite sex. But do you know that it is quite possible to achieve progress in this area using only natural foods rather than experimenting with pills?

What we are going to discuss below is largely based on the lore of the traditional medicine accumulated worldwide. Today, many of the secrets previously used just intuitively have been supported by modern studies based on strict scientific methodologies. This provides us with the opportunity to discuss proven facts rather than just suppositions and legends.

Healthy Ingredients to Boost Sex Life

Everyone knows that eating diversified and well-balanced meals promotes strengthening health. If this kind of food is unavailable or you just want to save your time and energy spent on shopping and cooking, consider taking supplements, which are a good dedicated solution in many situations. Subject to particular health problems you may have, it is possible to achieve improvement by making changes to your diet. Here are some important ingredients to look for:

  • L-arginine. This amino acid is a compound widely used in supplements to help the human body produce nitric oxide. Its effect is based on relaxing blood vessels, which eventually results in better blood flow throughout the body. In men, this provides the basis for harder erections. You can also ingest this amino acid in a natural form, with such foods as walnuts, fish, almonds, leafy greens, fruits etc ( read more:
  • This nutrient is known to play an important role when it comes to men’s health. It boosts testosterone production and improves the sperm quality. While the mechanism remains to be further investigated, the ingredient is a part of many topical supplements. The richest natural source of zinc is oysters.
  • While causing multiple negative effects when abused, alcohol in small amounts eliminates mental inhibitors, thus making your behavior more relaxed. In certain situations, this can result in better sexual performance.

Indirect Dietary Factors Boosting Your Sex Life

The following considerations related to your dietary patterns can affect your sex life indirectly. The first one to mention is the possibility to gain extra weight. Obesity is a proven factor able to deteriorate an individual’s sexual performance.

Eating together is what can help partners communicate and make them feel more affection. This activity can be considered as foreplay. Use it smartly before going to bed to have a better experience. Sometimes, however, partners have different dietary patterns. If this is the case, to avoid bringing unnecessary tension to your relationship, discuss your food preferences or meal schedule beforehand and try to agree a compromise to never return to the subject any more.

Remember that what you consume determines not only your sexual performance but also your general health and well-being.