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According to recent studies, male fertility suffers if a man does not have a good sleep on a regular basis. Sleeping 7 to 8 hours a night is a reasonable recommendation from medical professionals.

male fertilityAlmost 800 couples were involved in the study. According to its findings, the 7-8 hours of sleep range is optimal. Along with that, men who slept less than six or more than nine hours showed reduced capability to impregnate their partner. Precisely, the reduction estimation was as high as 42%, which is an unexpectedly significant change.

To find out why this is the case, the researchers suggest an explanation based on hormonal mechanisms. Testosterone, a male hormone, plays a crucial role in an individual’s reproduction ability. Most of testosterone manufacturing in the male body takes place during sleep. That being said, sleep duration is correlated with testosterone levels.

Regular trouble sleeping is another factor, which has been proven to negatively affect male fertility. Men suffering from this condition had more problems with impregnating their partner than their properly sleeping counterparts in this study. Actually, trouble sleeping is closely related to stress, which is known to deplete fertility, both male and female.

The discovered correlation remained true irrespective to ages of both male and female partners, how frequently they have intercourses, their body weight index and other relevant factors. While the sperm number was not counted during the study, how soon a pregnancy was achieved can serve a trustworthy measure instead.

Based on those findings, medical practitioners now obtain another important variable to control when suggesting unhappy couples a way to go. By just securing 7 to 9 hours of sleep for the male partner it is possible to substantially increase their chances to conceive a baby.

Obviously, this approach should be combined with other known methods, such as proper diet, body weight control, avoiding stressful settings etc. This is another method that can be practiced extremely easily.

How sleep duration affects female fertility is still to be investigated. The fact that we know now how it affects men’s ability to impregnate is a major contribution to finding successful solutions of problems that so many couples face. Moreover, making people aware of existence of such a correlation will help prevent a large portion of impregnation-related problems as everyone can easily adjust their sleep duration accordingly to eliminate this factor. Anyways, it is worth trying prior to seek professional help. Maybe, a solution of your problem is that easy.