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In marriage, even tiny mistakes or offenses can accumulate over time to eventually ruin the once-happy relations. Oftentimes, making just slight changes to your habits can make the difference in terms of a happier life for both you and your spouse. This is why the capability to recognize and timely correct some typical mistakes men tend to do is a valuable asset. If not addressed properly, the problems will only accumulate with time and further aggravate the situation. Let’s take a look at what you as a man should watch for.

Not Sharing Empathy

Empathy is very important to women. To a larger extent than men, they seek sharing love and emotions with their partner. This is what men often overlook focusing only on their own feelings, business, hobby etc. Such a behavior pattern, however, can make her feel ignored, which is not what she actually expects from you.

Making Big Purchases on Your Own

Prior to making a big purchase like a car or expensive household appliances, it is a good idea to discuss the decision with your female partner first. While men often believe they can do this on their own, just because they are family leaders, it is helpful to know that women typically do not share this point of view. Taking important decisions together and building a family based on shared-leadership principles are what they want to have.

Being Selfish in Sexual Relations “Men should be aware of and take into account the female sexuality’s specifics. Your wife may want to have more than you give her in bed. Remember that, for women, sex begins with creating intimacy well before you actually go to bed.”

Failure to Listen to Her

Women need to talk out more often than men. While doing so, they want you to be an active listener. They seek sincere and deep engagement and understanding from their husband’s part. In many cases, they don’t even need your advice or suggestion. Just demonstrating your interest and paying attention is a simple thing crucial to keep your marriage strong.

Hiding Your Own Feelings

Most of the time, men tend to hide their own feelings or emotions in an attempt to always look strong. Sharing is essential to women though. Otherwise, they feel like they miss a close connection with the man they love. Additionally, they may perceive such behavior offensive. So opening up at least sometimes is a worthwhile endeavor.

The Desire to Always Dominate

Men are mostly brought up with an idea that they have to be always dominant in family relations. The capability to assume responsibility and take crucial decisions is a valuable asset each man should possess. On the other hand, women do not want to be totally suppressed. Instead, they seek to be actively involved and appreciate reciprocal, caring and supportive relations. That being said, speaking from a power position is not a good approach to strengthen your family. Remember that, apart from being decisive and strong, you are expected to show how much you value her opinion too.